Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Informatica Server Installation and Configuration

Informatica PowerCenter 9.x. This includes the installation of server components and Repository configuration.

Before you start Informatica PowerCenter Server Tool Installation, you should create 2 database schemas for Domain and Repository.
Here I used Oracle 10g as database.

Grant connect, resource, create view, select_catalog_role, select any dictionary to infa_domain identified by infa_domain; --for domain usage
Grant connect, resource, create view to infa_repo identified by infa_repo; -- for repository usage

Install Informatica PowerCenter Server:

1) Open Windows Explore and navigate to the X:\Infa_9.1_32bit\dac_win_11g_infa_win_32bit_910\910HF2_Server_Installer_win32-x86\Server folder.

2) Double click on "install.exe" to begin the installation wizard.

Make sure you have selected Installation Type as 'Install Informatica 9.1.0 with HotFix 2'.

3) Click Next.

4) Verify the Pre-requisites and click Next
5) Select the License and Installation Directory.
License: Browse the License Key path <X:\Infa_9.1_32bit\dac_win_11g_infa_win_32bit_910\910HF2_Server_Installer_win32-x86> for License Key 'Oracle_All_OS_Prod.key'.
Directory: Use default directory only.

6) Click Next
7) Check Pre-Installation Summary and Click Install.
8) The Installation begins. (It will take few minutes).
9) Select 'Create a domain' to create an Informatica domain.
Note: Select 'Join a domain' if you want to use existing domain.
Select 'Enable HTTPS for Informatica Administrator' this is an options.

Click Next
10) Configure the database for the domain configuration repository:

Database type: Choose your database type for domain configuration (Oracle/SQL Server/Sybase)
Database user Id: <Domain_database_username>
User password: <Domain_database_password>
Database Connection: Select JDBC URL

Database Address: hostname:portnumber (default oracle port number is 1521)
Database service name: <SID/ServiceName> (default orcl).

then click on 'Test Connection'  (To check the database connection).

Note: Please your domain username and password which we have created at the beginning.
11) Informatica domain configuration:
Domain Name: Name of Your Domain
Node host name: Machine/Server name on which your Integration Service is Running
Node name: Name of the Node
Node port number: Leave the default port number
Domain user name: The user Administrator
Domain password: Administrator Password.
Confirm password: Confirm Administrator Password
1. User default Domain name, Node host name and Node port number.
2. The Administrator user id and password is used to logon to Administrator Console, to create 'Repository'.

Click Next.

12) Click 'Next'. Do not select 'Run Informatica under a different user account'.
13) Installation is completed.

Now you have to create repository into your domain using Administrator.

Configure Repository Service:
To logon into Administrator Console.

1) Go to Start Menu --> Informatica 9.1.0 --> Server --> Click on ' Informatica Administrator Home Page'
2) Log on to ' Administrator Console' using Administrator User Id and Password (which you set at step 11 in Install Informatica PowerCenter Server) and Click on Log In
3) You will see Informatica Administrator screen as below:
4) To Create PowerCenter Repository Service:
·         Select Domain name in 'Domain Navigator'
·         Select 'Actions'
·         Select 'New' and
·         Select 'PowerCenter Repository Service'

5) Provide the details required:
Name: Repository Name you want to create
Description: Description about your repository (its optional)
Location: Select the Domain_Name which you have created. If you have more than one Domain you need to browse it and select.
License: Select the License Key from the drop down list.
Node: Select the Node from the drop down list.

Click 'Next'

6) Provide repository database details:
Database Type: Select your repository database type (Oracle/SQL Server/Sybase).
Username: <Repository Database Username>
Password: <Repository Database password>
Connection String: <Database Connection String>
Code Page: Repository code page
Tablespace Name: <Database Table Space Name> (its optional).
Select 'No context exists under specified connection string. Create new content'.

Click 'Finish'.
7) It will take few minutes to create PowerCenter Repository Service content. Once it’s down you will be getting below screen.
Note: If you PowerCenter Repository Service is running in 'Exclusive' mode then you need to change it to 'Normal' Mode before you configure the PowerCenter Integration Service.

a) Go to Properties tab of PowerCenter Repository Service --> Repository Properties --> Edit.
b) Change Operating Mode: Normal and Click 'OK'
c) A new pop-up window will appear, Click 'OK'
d) Recycle Service window will appear, Select 'Abort - stop all processes immediately' and Click 'OK'
e) It will take some time and now you PowerCenter Repository Service is running in 'Normal' Mode.
We are not done, to run you jobs we need to create PowerCenter Integration Service.

Configure Integration Service:
1) To Create PowerCenter Integration Service:
·         Select Domain name in 'Domain Navigator'
·         Select 'Actions'
·         Select 'New' and

·         Select 'PowerCenter Integration Service'

2) Provide PowerCenter Integration Service details:
Name: Name your Integration Service
Description: Description about your Integration (Optional)
Select the Domain_Name which you have created. If you have more than one Domain you need to browse it and select.
License: Select the License Key from the drop down list.
Node: Select the Node from the drop down list.

Click 'Next'

3) Provide 'PowerCenter Repository Service' and its login credentials.
PowerCenter Repository Service: Select your repository name from the drop down list.
Username: Administrator
Password: Administrator Password
Data Movement Mode: ASCII

Click 'Finish'

4) Specify Code Pages and Click 'OK'

Note: If you PowerCenter Integration Service is 'disabled', Click on 'Enable the Service' as show in below snapshot.

Now your Integration Service is available.

You have successfully Installed Informatica PowerCenter 9.

Now you can go the Informatica Repository Manager and create your own folder and start practice.


  1. hi my name is Raja Sekhar we need to give any syntax (in command prompt) while starting the informatica setup in windows 7

  2. Hi Raja, any command line sytax not required, just you need to check the compatability.

  3. Hello sir,
    I followed the same steps however after client installation my Admin page is not opening even after the services are up n running and sometimes service stops automatically.plz help.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi All,
    I installed informatica 9.1 in win 8 with oracle 11g 64 bit. And the installation went fine. Everything went fine. But while importing the tables from scott, I got the issue with architecture mismatch. I tried 32 bit ODBC admin but no use. I was not able to import the tables as source.

    And I cleaned the system and installed oracle12c. DB installation went fine. While doing the informatica installation I got stucked up at the stage of domain configuration repository the connection test failed. I dont know where to go.

    The users I created are successfully connected to DB through SQLPLUS and sql developer. but not establishing the connection while installation.

    Dont know what the reason and how to resolve it. Please help me if any one has any idea.


  5. Hi Ragha,

    The problem is with your OS and Oracle, You need to install Oracle and Informatica with Administrator User and will installation you need to check compatibility for all user. Then you issue will resolve. This is a common security issue with Oracle 11 ODBC.

  6. i need performance and tuning.....can provide that.................

  7. Hi,

    We are facing peculiar problem of sessions not appearing in "Sessions folder" of workflow manager. We don't know what change we did accidentally at admin level. Would be great help if you can point us to solution. If we try to re-create session on same mapping, it is creating new session with suffixed number. (means the original session available, but not visible)

    thanks in advance.

  8. Facing issue with DB connection while creating domain.

  9. Hi Rahul, Please send me error message or snap shot then only I can help.


  10. Hello

    can we install informatica in windows 8?

  11. Hi Deva,

    We can install informatiac on Windows 8 also, But you need to do it with Administrator user. By default this account will be inactive for Windows 7 and 8. Please Active Administrator account and install using that account.


  12. Hi all,
    please tell me the how to download the informatica9.x software, could you please share the link.....

  13. Hi Suresh,

    You can download informatica 9 from this link

  14. i will send the option details from where you can download it.

  15. thanks gowtham ur blogspot is like a bible thanks lot for your work. am getting this error can you please help me out pls
    The Service infa_Integ_Service could not be enabled due to the following error: SF_34004 - Service initialization failed.

  16. Hi Gowtham,
    While creating Integration service, I am facing issue as received below error:

    The Service Manager could not start the service due to the following error: [PCSF_10342] Exception occurred: [Unable to start service [Dev_Int] on any node specified for the service.]

    Please help.


  17. hi facing issue while creating domain database connection failed

    1. Hi Shivanand,

      Can you provide more details like what is you database & its version, Informatica version and your System OS

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  19. Nice information . It is step by step process on Informatica Online Course